Welcome to BRISK Singapore

Regardless of the car make and model that you drive, every engine needs spark plugs to run. It is these plugs that facilitate the all-important 'spark-ing' which in turns leads to the combustion process.

Like cars, spark plugs are not made equally. You have at the extreme side, super high-performance plugs that will cost a bomb, or close to it, and at the other end, you have your standard a few-dollars-per-piece plugs which performs the most basic function of producing sparks.

Among the leading spark plug brands in the market is 'BRISK', whose country of orgin belies its international reputation. The east European nation of Czech Republic, the humble home of Brisk, may not arouse visions of technological superiority as do Germany, Japan or USA.

In Singapore, BRISK silver spark plugs are readily available in hundreds of automotive dealers and workshops. There are two main series - the Silver YS line and the high-performance Silver Premium LGS series. The Letter 'S' in the nomenclature denotes silver, one of the main product features of these plugs. Silver is a metal with very high conductivity, which helps tremendously in the overall creation of sparks.

All BRISK plugs do not just have silver tips : the centre electrode itself iss made up of silver, thus ensuring excellent performance reliability and quality.

BRISK plugs have a specially shaped spark gap which facilitates easier access of gases to the discharge, central silver electrode, and the electrode gap of 0.55mm and 0.9mm. The central silver electrode of small diameter, together with narrow ground electrode, substantially reduces the required voltage. BRISK silver spark plugs can be used for both LPG and petrol engines. Interval 30,000km.